Clifton Park Baptist Church

8818 Piney Branch Road
Silver Spring, MD 20903


Email: info@cpbc.net



  8:00 AM Worship Service

  9:30 AM Bible Study

  11:00 AM Worship Service


  6:30 PM  Prayer & Praise

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The Bible teaches that giving is a part of growing in our faith. It is a response to God’s good gifts to us, and it is an act of worship toward Him.

Ways to Give


Online Giving
This method allows you to schedule a recurring or one-time gift from your checking account or debit card. Using your REALM login, you can easily manage your giving amount and set up automatic giving options based on your preferences. Set it up once and you're good to go.


This is a simple, easy solution if you'd like to give on the go! Simply text the word cpbc to 73256 and follow the resulting prompts. The first time you use this you will need to complete your payment details.  The next time you are ready to give, just type cpbc and an amount (example: typing cpbc 125 makes a donation of $125) to the specific fund you select.  Please be advised that your mobile phone carrier messaging & data rates may apply.
(View full instructions for Text-to-Give)


Download the CashApp on your mobile device and follow instructions for setup.The church's identifier ($CASHTAG) is $CPBC. Be sure to identify the purpose of the gift (i.e. Tithes, Fellowship Fund, Heater Project, Scholarship, etc.) and include your envelope number. Gifts submitted without designation will automatically be assigned to Tithes/Offering.

Bank Bill Pay

Automatic Bill Pay through your bank is a great way to give regularly and consistently to CPBC.  Log-in to your online banking or contact your bank directly for instructions.

Paper Check

Of course, we would be glad to receive paper checks if you’d prefer to send them by mail to: Clifton Park Baptist Church, 8818 Piney Branch Road, Silver Spring, Maryland 20903.