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The first Saturday of every month from 8:30 a.m.-11:00 a.m. (except January) Clifton Park serves the surrounding community through its Project Neighbor Care (PNC) program. Through PNC, residents receive groceries donated through the Capital Area Food Bank, obtain clothing from the CPBC clothes closet, request special prayer, and receive information on additional community resources.  


Park Pantry (TEFAP- The Emergency Food Assistance Program) is an income based assistance program for Montgomery County residents. Food is available once a month. Recipients must get pre-qualified and registered by contacting the church office.


Missions- CPBC's outreach extends far past our local community. Our missions outreach extends to our domestic and international brothers and sisters, touching lives through the sharing Jesus' love in Haiti, The Gambia, and El Salvador. 


Designed to bring people from all different backgrounds together, this diversity potluck dinner provides a relaxed evening to connect with the community over a shared meal.


God has intentionally positioned us in our community for a purpose. There are many who have needs in which Clifton Park can be a resource. Each month Clifton Park goes out into the community introducing ourselves, letting them know we are here for them, inviting them to special events, and sharing of the Good News.


This annual outreach event takes place in the fall. The entire Clifton Park congregation organizes into groups to go and serve alongside various community organizations to perform volunteer services wherever its needed.  Clifton Park is committed to serving, connecting and sharing the love of God with others throughout the community, as a body of Christ.


The Outreach Ministry empowers members of Clifton Park to be aware of, address, and act upon current social issues in their community by providing information, programming and resources through the assistance of local organizations.

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