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Relationship with Jesus can be wrongly equated with rule following, religious activity, and church program participation. And the hallmark of youth ministry is the variety of church activities provided for youth to prick and maintain their interest in God and church. God wants everyone to be in right relationship with Him but on His terms. So, let us put the brakes on activities, be still for a few moments, and allow the Spirit to speak and teach us afresh where lasting, life-changing, passion-driven relationship with Jesus really begins. The Discipleship and Youth Ministries at Clifton Park Baptist Church invite you to join us on our first virtual Youth Discipleship Conference tagged REBORN!


The REBORN Conference will stream on our website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel on Saturday, June 26, at 10 a.m. This free conference is for everyone; however, middle, high school and college students and their parents and youth pastors and leaders are especially invited. Direct questions to Dr. Janet Henley, Minister of Discipleship, at or leave a message for her at 301-434-2456, ext. 2.


You do not want to miss what you have been looking for all along! Registration is desired but not required. However, you can let us know that you are coming by registering at

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