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Be a FAN for your health. Improve your NUTRITION. Let’s find your healthy eating style. Everything you eat and drink over time matters and can help you be healthier now and in the future. Let your FAN team show you how to tweak YOUR Favorite food and make it healthier.  Yes, we’ll eat Fruits and Veggies PLUS Fish, Curry Chicken, Jerk, Cassava, Desserts!! YES all that, and the rest too. We want to enjoy our food while taking care of our Temple. 

Please share your FAVORITE recipes – as we tweak and perfect them, we will combine them into a CPBC FAN Cookbook for all of us to enjoy. Use this template to send your recipe to Submission deadline December 1. 



If you’d like to meet with a 
Health and Wellness Ambassador, or would 
like additional information about this ministry,

contact us at

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