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About CPBC

We are the family of God, the people of many nations, races and ages, brought into relationship with God and one another by accepting God's love in Jesus Christ. 
We are seeking to grow in His likeness, learning to love one another, and wanting to share His love with those around us, so they, too, can be part of God's family. 

So we purpose to provide experiences in:

  • Worship that exalts Christ and inspires worshipers to draw near to and live for Christ 
  • Christian Discipleship that grows persons into the life-transforming and life-giving image of Christ
  • Fellowship that binds us in true Koinonia, allowing our relationships within the church to reflect the unity between Jesus Christ and God the Father 
  • Evangelism that compels us to share the gospel of Christ with the unsaved, personally inviting them to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord. Our evangelistic focus will also seek opportunities to reach the unchurched, encouraging them to become members of the CPBC family, and 
  • Ministry that puts us in touch with our community, knowing and meeting needs in the name of Christ
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    Clifton Park Baptist Church
    8818 Piney Branch Road
    Silver Spring, MD 20903
    301-434-4114 (fax)     |  Web Administrator 

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